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Dancing Bear Fuck Parties on Video

dancing bear fuck parties

Bachelorette parties are fun but Dancing Bear fuck parties are incredible! At the majority of these parties, it’s the last hurrah a woman has before she gets married and only gets to touch one dick for the rest of her life. I know, it’s an absolute shame and most of the time it doesn’t hold true. However, that’s part of the reason why so many brides get male strippers for their bachelorette party and farewell style events. Just so they can have a little taste of freedom before getting tied down for good. That’s where a Dancing Bear fuck party and the strippers that attend come in handy. At these parties, Dancing bear strippers get the best deal of all, they reap the benefits of the horny bride and bridesmaids. In this video specific video, the bear stripper gets a long and nice blowjob from the bride – it’s a miracle that he didn’t cum as soon as she put her lips around him! As the other girls at her party watch on and cheer, she sucks him as much as she can. Everyone looks on, jealous, that she gets to service him. Bachelorette parties really are the best, and bearstrippers have awesome jobs, making girls feel good about themselves for hours on end. I’d gladly quit my job and fuck women for a living if I were given the chance to do so. Anyone that says they wouldn’t do that, they are lying fools or have a small cock that they don’t want to show off in a typical CFNM setting.

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