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Dancing bear Strippers Love Getting Blowjobs

dancing bear strippers

In this video, one of the dancing bear strippers can be seen doing what he does best, swinging his dick around and putting it in front of horny milfs. The male stripper in this video is dressed in the dancingbear mascot costume and he walks out to put on a fun show for all the ladies in the audience! He takes off the costume and dances around with his dick out, and one lady takes the opportunity to suck him dry. All of the girls have a ton of fun watching him dance and get a blowjob from one of the party-goers. What happens at dancingbear stays there, and these girls take full advantage of the situation! The best part, the bear always gets a blowjob at the very minimum. When a bachelorette party happens, the girls know that there are no negatives to having a fun night, free from rules of society. The dancingbears have a great time impressing the ladies with their muscles and they get paid a ton at the end of the night. Ladies really do go crazy on a night on the town, and this video proves it!

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